Rehabilitation for juveniles

1. Education

Provides education of compulsory subjects from the early stage to

  • Primary School
  • High School
  • Senior High School

By implementing the Adult Education Curriculum of the Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education, Ministry of Education

2. Vocational Training

  • Artificial Art
  • Women’s Dressmaking
  • Bas Relief Art (Oishi)
  • Handicraft (Thai massage)
  • Handicraft
  • Beauty Salon
  • Home Economics Computer

3. Rehabilitation method for juveniles by collaborating with psychologists, social workers, nurses, vocational trainers in supervising and monetary juveniles. Additionally, other activities, e.g., consulting group of teachers, rehabilitation program for drug addicts, basic rehabilitation program, and certain programs for reducing aggressiveness and increasing self-esteem, etc,

Vocational Training Center for Children and Youth Home cruel woman.

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