Visitation Regulations and Policy

1. Visitors are allowed only on Sundays from 9.00-16.00

2. Permitted Visitors

  1. Parents, or the guardian (person(s) who the juvenile lives with)
  2. Blood-related siblings
  3. Relatives (In the case of different surnames, a letter of permission from parents or the guardian must be present)

3. Juvenile’s husband who the juvenile’s parents or the guardian have given consent to be in a relationship and has obtained a letter of permission from the parents or the guardian


Visitation Etiquette

  • Dress appropriately. No shorts or short skirts.
  • Behave in appropriate manners. Wait in designated area.
  • No smoking or drinking before visiting.
  • Things or gifts for juveniles must first be checked by an official.  
  • Give good advice - future goals, motivation.
  • Allow an official to conduct a security search.

Prohibited + Restricted Items

The following items are prohibited to give to the juvenile during the visit

  1. Valuable goods
  2. Any kind of narcotics or liquors, e.g., addictive substances, cigarettes, beers, tobacco, tobacco slabs, chewing tobacco, thinner, inhalants, etc
  3. Any kind of medicine, except for medication for congenital disease (subject to the nurse’s consideration)
  4. Weapon, sharp items, and other items that can be used as weapon;
  5. Gambling tools
  6. Flammable items
  7. Objectionable items, e.g., publications or any kind of media of pornography
  8. Consumable goods
  9. Other items prohibited by officials

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